Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kalena Starting Softball

Kalena decided she wanted to try playing softball this season, so we signed her up and she is doing a fantastic job. Kunane helps coach and whatever he sees Kalena struggle with at practice he practices extra with her at home. She is playing first base and is doing a great job. We have seen her improve every week. Her first game she hit a double and the second game she hit a triple with the bases loaded, giving her 3 RBIs. We are very proud of how hard to she working to get better. She loves to have her dad on the field with her and I love being a spectator. It is very exciting to watch her grow and learn. She is a very competitive athlete and know she will continue to do well. I love you baby!

Kulia's 5th Birthday,Week Long Celebration

Kulia's birthday this year was definitely a fun week of celebrating. It all started with her trying to convince herself that she was turning 5. On Tuesday, the day before, she asked me at least 5 times, "Am I really going to be 5 tomorrow, Mommy?" "When I wake up tomorrow will I be 5?" I didn't realize what a big deal 5 was. The morning of her birthday at 6:30 in the morning I hear her calling me from the stairs. When I went to ask her what was wrong she asked, "Am I 5 now, Mommy?" I replied, "Absolutely" and then she started jumping up and down. After, she raced to the door jam to measure if she had grown. She measure with her hand above her head and said, "I am 5 now Mommy, see!" She was ecstatic! Then we started the morning with singing to her and letting her open her gifts. Dad had to go to work, but he took a half day and we headed to Disneyland around 1:00. A large group, 35, friends from Corona Ranch were there. We met up with them and rode a few rides, but it was Kulia's day, so we went our own way and rode the rides of her choice. Our dear friends, the Tejada's, hung out with us at Disneyland and we all had a great time. After watching the parade, we decided to leave and have dinner at Red Robin. The Tejada's joined us and it was so fun!

Kulia really wanted to go ice skating or bowling for her birthday, so we agreed on having a bowling party. On Saturday, March 6, we had a bowling party at Brunswick Bowl in Norco. The kids had an absolute blast! It was Rock and Bowl, so the music was pumping and the disco lights were on. Kulia and her friends, Brooke, Courtney, Ethan, Rebecca, MacKenzie, Liana, and Kalena had the time of their lives dancing and bowling. It was great to watch!

Kulia has been asking to go to Gymnastic for about 6th months now, although we were waiting to get Kalena's softball schedule, so it wouldn't conflict with any of her games. On Friday, we started gymnastics. We didn't have intentions of starting Friday, we were just going to watch our good friend, Hailee, to see if Kulia was serious about it. When we got there, Kulia said, "I am begging you mom, please." She was also glued to the fence watching the girls. She was wearing jeans and Uggs, which is not the ideal clothes to wear, so I told her we would have to wait. I felt horrible because I could tell it was something she truly wanted to do, and she has never done anything that was just for her. She always takes back seat to Kalena. Our friends, Sandy, Kilee, and Hailee had given her an outfit for her birthday and it was still wrapped in my car. Kilee suggest we open it and she could wear it and start today. You should have seen her face. She was jumping up and down and thanked me about a dozen times. She started with the 4:30 class and did wonderfully and will be taking the class on Fridays, although every morning since, she has asked if she could go to gymnastics. It is precious to see her so excited about taking gymnastics.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28th

Today was such a great day. Kulia and I went to a special princess birthday party for her friend, Brooke, at Olivia's Dollhouse and Tea Room. She was so happy to be going to her own party without her sister. As a matter of fact, while there she asked her friend, Rebecca, "Do you want your mommy to leave Rebecca?" Rebecca said, "No". Kulia replied, " I want my mommy to leave because I don't want to go home. I want to stay here." It was so adorable! Obviously, she was having a great time and didn't want me around.

After the party we came home and relaxed. Kunane worked with Kalena in the back practicing softball, which she absolutely loves. After, we all played cards for a while and had a blast. We are off track now, so I will definitely be posting more this month. I love being off track and spending time at home with the girls. This will be the last time I am off in March though. Our school is going single track next year. The nice things about single track is we will all be on the same schedule with Kunane, so even more family time. Woo, hoo!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Today I have many things to be thankful for. I am thankful for my beautiful family and the love and comfort they give me. I am thankful for my friends for the support and laughter I receive from them. I am thankful to live in the United States of America and the freedom we have because of the brave men and women that protect us. I am thankful to God for keeping my family and friends safe and helping me to believe and live faithfully daily. I am truly a lucky individual to be surround by love. I wish you all a day filled with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fun at Irvine Park

While off track this month we went to ride bikes at Irvine Park in Orange and it was a blast! My good friend, Sandi, and her two girls loaded our bikes up in the back of Kunane's truck and set out for a fun day at the park. We took our lunches and rode bikes around until the girls got tired. Then we had a picnic lunch and the kids played on the playground, while we sat and watched the wild peacocks.

We took all kinds of pictures of the kids climbing the trees. In this picture Kulia is leaning on Hailee, Kalena is next to Kulia and then Kilee. They loved posing for the pictures. After lunch we loaded our bikes back in the truck and went to the zoo at the park. The kids loved seeing the animals and like petting the goats in the petting zoo portion. We had a fabulous day with the Long girls. Thanks for a great day girls. We definitely need to do it again!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday, November 11th

Since today was Veteran's Day, the girl scout troop had a holiday cookie exchange day. Kalena and I baked 6 dozen Snickerdoodles to share with her troop. Her exchange started at 10 am and when we arrived they asked if I could stay and help. Of course I couldn't say no, until I had my sweet girl, Kulia, in tears. I had promised her a mommy and Kulia date while Kalena was at girl scouts and she thought we weren't going to get to go. I felt horrible and could see the sadness in her eyes, so I explained to the leader I wasn't able to stay and help because I had a date with Kulia. Kulia was so excited to be with me. She chose lunch at Carl's Jr. and a treat from the Dollar Store....did I make out or what? This was the cheapest day ever. After lunch and shopping we came home and played the Dora Matching Game, one of her favorites. It was so nice to see how much fun she was having. We picked Kalena up at 2 and she completely understood why I didn't stick around to help. I have such wonderful girls and am so blessed they have compassion towards each other. Everyone had a great day and I was so happy to have some quality time with my little lady!

Wednesday, November 4th

Today, was our 8 week check up with Dr. Mohrdar, Kulia's natural doctor (ND), and it went great again. I was never a believer in the homeopathic or natural forms of medicines until I took Kulia to see Dr. Mohrdar. Our first visit was on March 4th, the day after her 4th Birthday and since then Kulia has not been sick (knock on wood). This past month, she was exposed to the swine flu and another strand of the flu and never got it. I am amazed because in the past if someone had a cold, she would get it and it would go straight to her chest. She would then have to get steroid shots and have breathing treatments three times a day. As I said, she hasn't been sick since we have seen him and I feel like he is a miracle worker. Not only has she not been sick, but her hair has grown, she has grown an inch and a half, and her skin is finally the color is should be, instead of pale and sickly looking.

I asked Dr. Morhdar how this could be possible and he told me the supplement (Transfer Factor C) allows her body to fight off infections before it incubate and become worse. Apparently, this supplement assist her immune system in keeping her white blood cells within a healthy range. When she is exposed or has a small bug, her body actually fights it rather than lets it incubate and it never has the opportunity to turn into an infection. He actually recommended I have Kalena take it throughout the flu and cold season so she doesn't get a bug either. The girls don't mind taking it which is great too!

As I left his office, I called my mom and told her that if I wasn't working full time I would definitely become a lobbyist in Washington for natural medicine. I know it sounds a little extreme, but I have seen first hand how it has changed Kulia's life. She is so much healthier and happier and doing so much better than she was on pharmaceutical drugs. I have spent less money out of pocket on the supplements and doctor visits than I did when she was seeing her specialist. In addition, the insurance company would have spent less for the ND rather than an MD. I do know though our health care is driven by the pharmaceutical companies and natural medicine will never be accepted because it would put to many of them out of business. I also know that it has worked for Kulia and we are going to continue to see Dr. Mohrdar N.D. until he proves that his treatment is not effective. He truly has been our family miracle and would recommend him to anyone!

Super Bowl Sunday-February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday-February 1, 2009
Family Picture at Danny and Heather's