Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kulia's 5th Birthday,Week Long Celebration

Kulia's birthday this year was definitely a fun week of celebrating. It all started with her trying to convince herself that she was turning 5. On Tuesday, the day before, she asked me at least 5 times, "Am I really going to be 5 tomorrow, Mommy?" "When I wake up tomorrow will I be 5?" I didn't realize what a big deal 5 was. The morning of her birthday at 6:30 in the morning I hear her calling me from the stairs. When I went to ask her what was wrong she asked, "Am I 5 now, Mommy?" I replied, "Absolutely" and then she started jumping up and down. After, she raced to the door jam to measure if she had grown. She measure with her hand above her head and said, "I am 5 now Mommy, see!" She was ecstatic! Then we started the morning with singing to her and letting her open her gifts. Dad had to go to work, but he took a half day and we headed to Disneyland around 1:00. A large group, 35, friends from Corona Ranch were there. We met up with them and rode a few rides, but it was Kulia's day, so we went our own way and rode the rides of her choice. Our dear friends, the Tejada's, hung out with us at Disneyland and we all had a great time. After watching the parade, we decided to leave and have dinner at Red Robin. The Tejada's joined us and it was so fun!

Kulia really wanted to go ice skating or bowling for her birthday, so we agreed on having a bowling party. On Saturday, March 6, we had a bowling party at Brunswick Bowl in Norco. The kids had an absolute blast! It was Rock and Bowl, so the music was pumping and the disco lights were on. Kulia and her friends, Brooke, Courtney, Ethan, Rebecca, MacKenzie, Liana, and Kalena had the time of their lives dancing and bowling. It was great to watch!

Kulia has been asking to go to Gymnastic for about 6th months now, although we were waiting to get Kalena's softball schedule, so it wouldn't conflict with any of her games. On Friday, we started gymnastics. We didn't have intentions of starting Friday, we were just going to watch our good friend, Hailee, to see if Kulia was serious about it. When we got there, Kulia said, "I am begging you mom, please." She was also glued to the fence watching the girls. She was wearing jeans and Uggs, which is not the ideal clothes to wear, so I told her we would have to wait. I felt horrible because I could tell it was something she truly wanted to do, and she has never done anything that was just for her. She always takes back seat to Kalena. Our friends, Sandy, Kilee, and Hailee had given her an outfit for her birthday and it was still wrapped in my car. Kilee suggest we open it and she could wear it and start today. You should have seen her face. She was jumping up and down and thanked me about a dozen times. She started with the 4:30 class and did wonderfully and will be taking the class on Fridays, although every morning since, she has asked if she could go to gymnastics. It is precious to see her so excited about taking gymnastics.

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