Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Night at the Drive-in

It has been a few months since Kunane and I have taken the girls to the drive-in movies, so we decided to pack up the van and hit the road. The movie, Up, was scheduled to start at 8:30, but it opened at 7:00 and we wanted to be sure to get a good spot, so we go there about 7:15. We thought about taking the truck, although we were afraid it would get to chilly, so we took the back seat out of the van and put down padding and plenty of blankets and were nice and cozy. We made rice balls and stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken and had a nice little picnic in the van before the movie started. We had a great time cuddling in the back, eating junk food, and laughing at Up. It is a very cute movie. We tried to stay and watch the 2nd movie, Earth, that started at 10:30, but we only made it about 20 minutes and decided to pack up and head home. We all were a little tired! I remember going to the drive in movies with my parents and I have such great memories. My hope is that I am creating some fun family memories with my girls. It was a blast! Everyone should go at some point!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Frugal Blog

Check out the new link I have to on my sidebar for Frugal Mommy. Just click on the picture and it will take to the site. She has great deals for Southern California!

Super Bowl Sunday-February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday-February 1, 2009
Family Picture at Danny and Heather's