Monday, March 23, 2009

Girls Weekend

My mom treated my sister and I to a weekend at a spa in Utah. It was my sister's 40th Birthday and I was lucky enough to go. It was the most relaxing thing I think I have ever done! We drove for 6 hours and of course laughed and cried at each others stories all the way there. Then we drove into this beautiful 5 star spa and were treated so well. We would get up every morning and have a healthy breakfast and then head out for a five mile hike. The first day we hiked on sandstone and the next day to hiked on more bolder type rocks with sand stone and river rocks. The scenery was beautiful. We would return to the spa just in time for a delicious lunch and then to the pool to relax. They offered classes every couple of hours, but I chose to read by the pool or take a nap. My mom took tennis and my sister went to play with wild mustangs and I enjoyed the quiet time. Every day we would have a massage or a facial. When I checked in for my massages they would take me to a beautiful meditation room to relax. Then I would shower with all these special soaps and exploiters, put on their robe and slippers and be escorted to my massage room. It was so beautiful and relaxing. Every day was a different color at the spa and the flower arrangements were changed to match the color and the glassware, plates and just about everything was transformed into that color. It was gorgeous. After a massage I took a yoga class and then headed to our suite to watch movies with mom and Kelley. I had a great time enjoying my sister and my mom. I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to go to Utah and spend the weekend at the spa with them. I was a little worried about Kunane and the girls, although he did a great job. I talked to them daily and could hear in their voices how much fun they were having with Daddy! He let them pick where to eat out and he let them sleep in our bed. They thought that was the best! I sure hope that others get the opportunity to go away and take some mommy time as I did. Thank you mom for a great weekend! I love you!

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Annie said...

OMG this sounds amazing..I must go!!

Super Bowl Sunday-February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday-February 1, 2009
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