Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rough Days

Well it has been a rough few days with our precious Kulia! Last Friday morning she came down with a fever and a slight cough. Thank goodness my mom had planned on watching the girls that day, so she got rest and tender care from her loving Grandma. Her cough and the fever seemed to be getting better, so we tried to venture out to our Friends Superbowl party, which only lasted a very short time for Kulia and I. We left Kalena and Kunane to have fun and Kulia and I came home to rest and relax. Well, resting did NOT happen. Instead Kulia had a major respiratory episode, meaning having a difficult time breathing due to a major coughing attack to the point that she was throwing up uncontrollably. She finally settled down with a warm shower and a few breathing treatments. Then we tried to get to bed for some much needed rest. That didn't happen either. Throughout the looooong night, she had 3 more expisodes of throwing up and not being able to breathe. We took 3 showers and wrapped her in blankets and sat outside in hopes the cool air would help. It didn't seem to work. At 4:00, while Kunane and I were debting visting the ER she fell asleep in my arms...completely exhausted!! Needless to say, I stayed home with her and got the first available doctor's appointment with her specialist. He is amazing! He said she had a respiratory infection and put her on antibiotics, along with 6 other perscriptions including nasal spray, breathing treatments and cough medicine. My poor baby! All those drugs in her little body make me worry!

Please pray that she will grow out of this. It is a common cold for every other child, but for her she automatically has respiratory problems. It is really tough because I know all the drugs can not be healthy for her little body and who knows the long term side effects. I really don't have a choice in giving them to her. The Dr. says otherwise she will end up in the hospital again with twice as many drugs and we have been there too many times in the past!

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated!


Annie said...

I really hope she is feeling better...

Annie said...

I am so glad you like it.. Everyone needs a few minutes to reflect and blogging gives me that time. I am so glad your hooked.

HeatherC said...

Oh man, poor baby. Hope shes feeling better.

Super Bowl Sunday-February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday-February 1, 2009
Family Picture at Danny and Heather's